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Name:An archive for Bluespirit
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I'm Bluespirit - known as bluespirit_star on lj & this is an archive for my fiction & photo-manipulated art.
I'm not operating this as a real community - it's just configured that way for convenience. *g*
However, if you do want to friend/watch this lj to keep up-to-date with my stories, etc, then please do. ♥
If you'd also like to see pic spams & hear me squeeing about various fandom related things, fic recs, vid clips, my running & my dog - then please feel free to friend my personal journal bluespirit_star!!

This journal contains slash!
I've been a slasher for years. I write in a variety of fandoms & I also do photo-manipulated artwork.
If this offends you or you're under the age of majority in your country of origin, then please leave.

Master lists

Master List: Stargate Atlantis & Hewligan fic

Master List: Stargate Atlantis & Hewligan art

Master List: Hawaii Five-O fic & art

Master List: Lord of the Rings RPS fic & art

Master List: other art (NCIS, X Files, Supernatural)

All of my stories are available for recording as podfic (in fact, I'd love it!) Please just drop me a line so I can listen. ♥

Slashy Oscars 2005 ~ WinnerSlashy Oscars 2006 ~ WinnerMen of Middle Earth Awards 2008

Best Sex Scene ~ Slashy Oscars 2005Best Character in a Supporting Role ~ Slashy Oscars 2005
Best Uncommon Pairing ~ Slashy Oscars 2005Best Comedic Relief ~ Slashy Oscars 2005
Best Author Nominee ~ Slashy Oscars 2005

Best Short Romance ~ Slashy Oscars 2006

Thanks to causette&legomyarrow for organising the slashy_oscars& making the banners.

2007 Stargate Fan Awards

Warning: This LJ contains fiction, images & discussion of a homoerotic nature. If you don't like this or are underage, then please leave. Thank you.

Disclaimer: No claims are being made as to the real life sexualities or preferences of the people portrayed here. They are purely for entertainment, not profit.

Note: Please do not take my images/icons/colour bars/fiction for use anywhere else. Thank you.

Thank you to the lovely berlinghoff79&fanarts_series for the gorgeous animated gifs in my 'McShep love' sidebar.
Con photos used in my sidebar were taken by crysothemis&M. Dufner


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